Sunday, August 5, 2018

Winter Beach

Why is it that a winter's day, with a blue sky and heavy winds, always attracts us to the beach?
Our Sunday coffee and drive took us to our favourite place of Queenscliffe, one hour down the road.
 Stopped at the bakery for a coffee and a citrus tart.
We used to spend our Sunday's here, after John had been diving, a pie and a pasty was ordered for the drive home. They make the best.
 The Post Office is up for sale.
 Something to brighten up the day.
 The Pilot Pier, home to the pilot boats.
 There are 2 lighthouses in Queenscliffe, the white one is on the starboard side and grey on the port side.
 The wind had washed in a lot of seaweed with the tide coming in.
The Old Queenscliffe pier, many a walk has been taken to the end of it.
 Pattern in the sand.


  1. Have to agree the beach in winter is the best. You captured Queenscliffe beautifully.

  2. love the photos. You have such an eye for photography.

  3. It's sad to see the old business buildings up for sale. I hope the new owner keeps the integrity of the building so that it is there for future generations to understand what came before.