Friday, August 17, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 215
"Genes for Jeans Day"
 SM 216
Woven background and scraps
 SM 217
 SM 218
Edging of Dutch Heritage fabrics.
 SM 219
Weaving with strips of scraps
 SM 220
Spring is on the horizon.
 SM 221
Tab from pianola paper roll.
 SM 222
Sat and stitched at the Willows Quilting Retreat.
 SM 223
 SM 224
Walked the perimeter of the retreat among the trees and blue sky.
 SM 225
Background of medical bandage, chiffon and logo from swap.
 SM 226
Doily with added lace. (should have cut back the orange silk fabric)
 SM 227
SM 228
Fabric from swap with wool sample.


  1. Great variety over the last two weeks. Amazing that after 228 SMs you are still finding new ways to put them together.

  2. Are your stitcheries always the same size? Do you keep them in an album? do you display them? They are fun to see and such a variety.

  3. Another lovely collection! Like Jeanette I'm impressed with all the variety you have made.

  4. They're all great, but my favorite this time is the one made up of selvages.

  5. I like 219 and 226. You are doing an amazing book of ideas Jenni.