Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Morning of Weaving

This morning took me back into the city, with an invitation of a friend to the Handweavers and Spinning Guild in Carlton North. It was their Open Day and a lovely time spent with like minded people viewing their weaving. Chatting, trying out a loom with a lovely group of ladies who made all feel very welcome.
Demonstrations of Tapestry Weaving, Band Weaving and the Japanese braid technique of Kumihimo. 
There is a lot more to it than just threading a shuttle through warps of wool, if this terminology is correct!!!. Very technical, but I managed to understand the process with the help of Jeanette and a fellow weaver. 

 I had a lesson on this loom.
 Jeanette's intricate pattern of Band Weaving.
I found the process fascinating.

 The initial start of Tapestry Weaving.
I spoke at great lengths to this weaver about her piece.
We swapped ideas of using paper and linen threads.
 Back into the city, I always enjoy looking up ...... you never know what you may see.


  1. I was sorry I had to miss it - would rather have been there than our AGM!

  2. Thanks for coming, I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. A slight correction, my weave is a honeycomb structure on an 8 shaft loom.

  3. At our womens conference, one year, members brought fabrics which we then made into strips and wove into a hanging. Every time I see that banner, I am reminded of those who are no longer here and the stories we shared.

  4. Looking up certainly expands the ideas from all ages.

  5. Oh yes! Weaving is fascinating!!!!