Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Rose Garden Crunch

2 degrees at the garden this morning, crunchy white frost walked over with a beautiful blue sky.
It didn't feel that cold as there was no wind and the sun on our backs was a welcome relief to not being able to feel the tops of our fingers.

The last rose bud on the festoon weepers.

I was "dobbed in" to make a prize for the Rose Show in September. I had finished this blue wren cushion pattern and didn't know what to do with it. Our rose garden is full of wrens darting among the bushes. Spent the last 2 days finishing the cushion background to donate.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 229
Suede Tag off an old handbag. 
 SM 230
Attended AGM of Geelong Guild.
 SM 231
Very cold day for a drive to Daylesford to sit by a lunchtime open fire.
 SM 232
Spring is not far away. Mum's dark purple Bearded Iris are in bud.
 SM 233
Spent time in the garden.
SM 234
 SM 235
The red centre fabric appealed to me.
SM 236
"Daffodil Day" for the raising of funds for Cancer Research.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Morning of Weaving

This morning took me back into the city, with an invitation of a friend to the Handweavers and Spinning Guild in Carlton North. It was their Open Day and a lovely time spent with like minded people viewing their weaving. Chatting, trying out a loom with a lovely group of ladies who made all feel very welcome.
Demonstrations of Tapestry Weaving, Band Weaving and the Japanese braid technique of Kumihimo. 
There is a lot more to it than just threading a shuttle through warps of wool, if this terminology is correct!!!. Very technical, but I managed to understand the process with the help of Jeanette and a fellow weaver. 

 I had a lesson on this loom.
 Jeanette's intricate pattern of Band Weaving.
I found the process fascinating.

 The initial start of Tapestry Weaving.
I spoke at great lengths to this weaver about her piece.
We swapped ideas of using paper and linen threads.
 Back into the city, I always enjoy looking up ...... you never know what you may see.

Friday, August 24, 2018


Today is Daffodil Day, money is raised for Cancer research, an important day for our family.
I met my friend Jenni for lunch in the city. A lovely time spent chatting.
On my walk back to Southern Cross Station, I called into the Rialto Building, a  display of daffodils and I bought a bunch.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hot Soup, Cold Day

Early this morning we went to the fruit and vegetable store at our shopping plaza. 
The lady there calls me "the basket lady" as I am trying to do the right thing and not use plastic bags.
I love these colours.

Our Sunday drive took us to Daylesford to The Mill and a bit of lunch.
I enjoyed a bowl of delicious Carrot and Ginger soup with homemade bread.
Unfortunately John had a slight accident, where a motorbike decided to hug his car and front wheel. The insurance company gave him a hire car and unbelievably the panel beaters fixed his minimal damage in 24 hours!!! As the hire car has to go back empty we went off on our weekend drive.

The temperature of 4 degrees outside and the radio reported a dusting of snow, which had melted by the time we arrived. 
 Clear sky through Anakie.
Very deceiving, the wind was arctic.
 The Mill is a very large tin shed with bits and pieces.
I often buy old ledger books, paper pianola rolls and old bits of paper for my textiles.

 This old sewing machine needs some love...

Over lunch read the travel section of a newspaper.
I didn't know there was a lake beside the Cathedral in Barcelona.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 215
"Genes for Jeans Day"
 SM 216
Woven background and scraps
 SM 217
 SM 218
Edging of Dutch Heritage fabrics.
 SM 219
Weaving with strips of scraps
 SM 220
Spring is on the horizon.
 SM 221
Tab from pianola paper roll.
 SM 222
Sat and stitched at the Willows Quilting Retreat.
 SM 223
 SM 224
Walked the perimeter of the retreat among the trees and blue sky.
 SM 225
Background of medical bandage, chiffon and logo from swap.
 SM 226
Doily with added lace. (should have cut back the orange silk fabric)
 SM 227
SM 228
Fabric from swap with wool sample.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekend of Stitching Part 2

We woke to the screeching of cockatoos, they were so loud.
 These 2 were engaged in a very loud conversation.

 A few sights spotted on my walk.

The weekend was taken up by....
 A piece of weaving using string, teabags, paper torn fabrics & chiffons, tissue paper, wool etc.
 I made my August concertina book for my SM's and finished adding them to the July book.
I made my 3 Stitch Meditations.
I finished the 2nd sock though I forgot to take a large eyed needle to knit stitch the toes.
I left the retreat early after Sunday breakfast as we had tickets to the football

.A good close scoring game, well done to the Bulldogs.