Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Morning Workout....

As there are only 4 of us pruning and working on the weepers, we are way behind with our pruning.
All the other roses have approx 30 - 40 workers each week.
Spent 3 hours down at the garden this morning, 3 of us pruned 7 roses.
 A visit from our little friends.

 Around August to September, there will be a burgundy tinge to the garden, new growth.
 Slowly getting there....
 The new pagoda has been finished, the painters were in this morning.
We could here from the other side of the garden, chanting and clapping.
A group of Indian ladies were playing games and the sound of their laughter was a pleasant change to the silence that is usual each week.


  1. Lovely to see the blue blue wrens. Ours still haven't gone blue. It will be interesting to see how much later they are here in the colder part of the world!

    You are making good progress with the pruning. It is a huge job, so well done to all the volunteers.

  2. All the hard work you put in now will pay off when the garden is ablaze with colour.

  3. Good to see the gardens in use even in winter. Your team has a lot of work to do, your steady progress is impressive.

  4. Love the Blue wrens. That's the name that my sister called her studio.