Sunday, July 29, 2018


Traveled into the city by train to see "Skyscraper 2D" at Gold Class, a Christmas movie voucher. 
A far fetched movie with Dwayne Johnson, "how do you climb a multi story skycraper with an artificial leg" and enjoyed it despite jumping out of my seat several times.
Shot in Hong Kong, we recognised many of the local areas.
 Crown Tower
 I enjoy looking up.
 I try to find textile pieces in the surrounds.
 These remind me of the Moroccan tiled plates we saw in Casablanca.

 Off on a joy flight.

 "Frame Melbourne" in Spencer Street.
A design research collaboration between RMIT School of Architecture & Design and Landlease's Melbourne Quarter development. Initially the students developed a postcard and social media campaign which was promoted across Melbourne's multicultural landscape. 
They invited locals and visitors to share an image that captured the essence of life in Melbourne by taking a photo through a window of their favourite space in the city.


  1. Those framed photos would be very interesting to look at. That cream/beige/brown design would make a lovely quilt. Was it tiles?

  2. You found lots of pattern and movement around and about that end of the city.

  3. I know where you took some of these photos, but others I haven't noticed or are newer than my last walk around that area. Fantastic patterns and textures!

  4. You have such a good eye for architectural details!