Monday, July 30, 2018

Concertina Book

We learnt how to make a concertina book at Winter School.
I used the prints I made in class in my 4 inch book.
Front Cover
Back Cover

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wild Wind

I spent the morning re-doing some electrical drawings for John. I can honestly say that electrical were not favourite when I worked at the MMBW. Give me mechanical any day, even though I spent the last 5 years in the Geology section. 
After lunch we called into work for photocopies to be made for additions.
Stopped in Williamstown for a coffee and the wild winds were blowing against the car.
 Wild weather towards the airport.

These fishermen were either game or silly to be out on the point.
If they were blown into the water, at least you would be able to see them in their fluro jackets!!


Traveled into the city by train to see "Skyscraper 2D" at Gold Class, a Christmas movie voucher. 
A far fetched movie with Dwayne Johnson, "how do you climb a multi story skycraper with an artificial leg" and enjoyed it despite jumping out of my seat several times.
Shot in Hong Kong, we recognised many of the local areas.
 Crown Tower
 I enjoy looking up.
 I try to find textile pieces in the surrounds.
 These remind me of the Moroccan tiled plates we saw in Casablanca.

 Off on a joy flight.

 "Frame Melbourne" in Spencer Street.
A design research collaboration between RMIT School of Architecture & Design and Landlease's Melbourne Quarter development. Initially the students developed a postcard and social media campaign which was promoted across Melbourne's multicultural landscape. 
They invited locals and visitors to share an image that captured the essence of life in Melbourne by taking a photo through a window of their favourite space in the city.

Friday, July 27, 2018


I decided at the last minute to attend the Quilt and Craft Show at Jeff's Shed.
I spent quite a while looking at the quilts. Disappointing that the stalls did not have anything to tempt me in a purchase, though I did buy some pre-cut card for the making of notebooks.
I usually attend these shows with the intention of catching up with friends and was thrilled to spend some time with them.
My interest in quilting, especially the making of quilts, has taken a new curve away from it, below a few of those on display that caught my eye.
 Beautiful arrangements of Australian Natives, Proteas and Chrysanthemums. 

The Best of Show was won by Julie Adamson.

A beautiful work, from a distance gives the impression of an oriental carpet.
We were lucky to chat to Julie about her work on this piece.

 "Deceptive Markings" by Susan de Vanny.
Original design using a pre-printed panel by Reece Scannel of Trees and Statue.

 "Bush Greens and Leaves" by Jan Preston.

 "Love Bridges All Borders" by Cathryn Taylor.
 The Guest Profile Quilter was Linden Lancaster. 
"Reed Warblers Barmah Lakes"

 "Billy Buttons" by Linden Lancaster

 "Escape Plan" by Linden Lancaster,

 In Stitches Members Individual Challenge.
Ramona Resurreccion

Monday, July 23, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 195
Background of chiffon Op shop scarf with a piece of stenciled paper from Debbie.
 SM 196
Blue and gold.
 SM 197
Scrap of African fabric.
 SM 198
A little bit of blue sky and sunshine.
 SM 199
Satin and Silks
 SM 200
Sun dyed stencil fabrics.
 SM 201
Scraps of men's ties.
 SM 202
Sari thread and knitting wool sample.
SM 203
Upholstery background with french knots.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Morning Workout....

As there are only 4 of us pruning and working on the weepers, we are way behind with our pruning.
All the other roses have approx 30 - 40 workers each week.
Spent 3 hours down at the garden this morning, 3 of us pruned 7 roses.
 A visit from our little friends.

 Around August to September, there will be a burgundy tinge to the garden, new growth.
 Slowly getting there....
 The new pagoda has been finished, the painters were in this morning.
We could here from the other side of the garden, chanting and clapping.
A group of Indian ladies were playing games and the sound of their laughter was a pleasant change to the silence that is usual each week.