Friday, June 1, 2018

Please Take Note......

.......when signing for parcels from Aus Post.
Expecting 3 boxes, 2 were delivered on the Friday with the 3rd expected on the Monday as told to me by the delivery guy. He said 1st box arrived at depot on Wednesday, 2nd on Thursday. Still waiting for the 3rd.

Aus Post investigating, the company dispatch document states that all 3 were dispatched on the same day, arrived at the depot and delivered. I signed, should have taken note of what the machine said..... Out there someone is enjoying a box with the compliments of us....

Dusted off my machine and chain piecing 2 inch squares for charity quilts. 
Can honestly say, I am not enjoying it, hand stitching has taken over.
I seem to have lost interest in machine piecing. After 30 minutes tempted to pack it up!!!

June's Stitch Meditation book will fit in my box.
Another box is ready to be made up for the next 6 months of my daily SM's.
Must make this month's concertina book.
(1st June Happy Birthday Peter, miss my big brother.)


  1. Postal service is disappointing almost everywhere these days. A friend in Sweden got something in the mail that was dripping with rainwater, surely it must have been dropped in a puddle. Who takes responsibility for that?

  2. That is a shame about the parcel. I would have thought that if there were three parcels they would have had to get three signatures. I hope it turns up for you!

  3. That's terrible. Someone's pulled a shifty there. I hope it turns up...

  4. Hope the missing parcel turns up - Australia post needs to pull up its socks!

  5. Yes. This is the standard experienced by Australia Post customers all over this wide brown land.
    Go to the Post Office and make the biggest fuss possible. Say you will contact the Police.
    Get onto Facebook and make your distress loudly and widely known.
    Go to the Australia Post website; scroll to the bottom; there is a section about making complaints. It does not always work!!
    I have experienced some success by using these ghastly but necessary methods.
    Remember that the squeaky wheel gets the oil!!!!!

  6. It is interesting how our preferences change, but fun to have a new passion. Your daily SMs are lovely to look at.

  7. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. Hope the parcel has turned up by now. Makes posting a quilt not attractive.