Saturday, June 30, 2018

Luck and Convenience

Yesterday I dropped my car off at 8am for a service and recall. Conveniently the train station is across the road, it was quicker to head into the city for the morning than catch a train one station, wait for the bus and walk home from the stop....then re do it 2 hours later. Spent the morning at the NGV Fed Square gallery viewing  a few free exhibitions.
 Normana Wight

 Lesley Dumbrell
"Violet Morning"

 I was fascinated by this exhibition. 
The work presented is made by 3D clay printers that the designers have built themselves. Programmed, the 3D printers tirelessly create the ever-changing visual language of technology, where the mechanical method of extruding the clay, the focus of physics and material properties of the clay itself define the end product. Each small marker of a rapidly emerging world where designers design systems of making and where ornament is fine. The makers mix the colour and clay in an old mix-master.

 The Field Revisited.
The 50th anniversary, reassembling as many of the original 74 paintings and sculptures.
Hard edged geometric, colour and flat abstraction presented on silver foil covered walls and geometric lighting.

Robert Hunter.
The first gallery of white paintings, the second were grey.
At a closer look, they were sheets of paper stuck together with masking tape and painted over in either white or grey. An even closer look showed that they were put together in a patchwork form. 
The security guard asked me what I thought of a closer look they were clever.
He said, when a rowdy lot of school children come in, he asks them to find the white rabbit in the snow...keeps them quiet for a while.
Returned to pick my car up and was greeted with "you need 4 new tyres and you need them now!!"
Drove home via the dealer and he said I was in luck. End of financial year sale, buy 4 for the price of 3, but had to have them fitted straight away as the deal finished Saturday. Drove home 5 mins up the road for a cup of tea before he rang back to say they were in stock.
Conveniently our local library and small art gallery is across the road from the dealer, spent an hour reading and a look at the latest exhibition of Weaving.
The collection is of  4 women who weave as a part of life taken from ancient cultures and traditions that have survived the ravages of colonisation.

I mentioned to the dealer that I was heading to Ballarat Winter School next week. Even though it is about an hour from my home, the temperature is a lot colder and the highway is prone to black ice.
He said I was in luck, with those 4 new tyres I wouldn't be doing any "Fantasia Ice skating" on my drive.


  1. What a satisfying day on all counts. Robert Hunter's works require a very long close look, they are so subtle.

  2. What a great display at the NGV.

  3. I like the way you make use of the waiting time. I usually take my dag and walk past my old quarters and down through the park. The shop will call me with enough time for my return and Nikko likes her old stamping grounds.

  4. I agree with Julie, you find enjoyable things to do while the car is being seen to.
    You saw two great exhibitions in one day.