Monday, June 25, 2018

Come Fly With Sydney

Early morning start to the weekend, arrived at the airport at 6am, very quiet for a Friday morning.
 As a child it always fascinated me that this was the edge of the map of Australia.
Lilli Pilli on Dolans Bay in the distance, where I used to lived as a child, amazing place for growing up on and around the water.
 My main purpose for the weekend was to see the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries that are on loan to the Art Gallery of N.S.W. from the Musee de Cluny in Paris.
 Created around 1500, they have been the subject of literary inspiration, scholarly speculation and wonder ever since. There are 6 tapestries depicting the senses and symbols of:
My Sole desire, Smell, Touch, Taste, Hearing and Sight.
The unicorn represents purity and chastity - and Christ's incarnation.
The lady is making a garland or Chaplet of fragrant carnations. The carnation was an emblem of sacred as well as profane love.
The monkey, symbol of evil, transgression, vices, lust and ridicule, is sniffing a rose.
Beautiful flowers. The Garden is the symbol of Christianity, Paradise.
The rabbits are the symbol of fertility.
The lady and her young companion are playing a small instrument known as a positive organ.
The lion, symbol of strength, fidelity and vigilance.


  1. I've always loved seeing the land from the air.

  2. I saw these fantastic tapestries when they visited Tokyo. It was like entering another world!

  3. You were lucky to see the coast, all I saw was cloud, which is interesting too.
    I think the rabbits are everyone's favourites in the tapestries.

  4. Great fro you to see the tapestries.