Friday, May 11, 2018

Stitch Meditations

I am loving these 4 inch 30 minute stitched pieces. 
It is now an automatic process and I don't think about what I am doing.
I have learnt that you don't have to have perfect stitching. Most of the girls in the group, tear/rip their fabrics and it has taken me a while to not snip off the frayed edges. 
I have also learnt that it doesn't matter if the colours and shades don't match or go together.
It is a challenge to have only a small sandwich bag of scraps and to choose what is in them. 

7 days of fabric from the swap with Michele, Ohio USA.
There were some interesting fabrics in her bag.
SM 124
Bright prints with a tied piece of sari silk and french knots.

SM 125
Sheer, satin and a piece of stitched patchwork off cut.

SM 126
Curtain fabric with a piece of bright cotton that took my eye.

SM 127
Batik with course curtain sampler and threads.

SM 128
Autumn toning of silk, hessian and curtain fabric with wool.

SM 129
Blues, I was reading a book on Van Gough, 
the colours reminded me of his painting Starry Starry Night.

SM 130
Black and white prints with a piece of wool that was tied together in the bag.

The next 7 days will be fabric from Angie of Phoenix, Arizona.


  1. I wouldn't be good at ripping and tearing and having frayed edges either. But I guess loosening up and becoming freer is one of the benefits of the exercise.

  2. You are learning a lot from your group. How about some drawn thread and restitching, I like this effect with a shot fabric.

  3. You have made good choices of mixing fabric, but the stitches and knots enhance every block, too.

  4. I do like when the fabrics blend together. Like how you stitched the last block too.

  5. You continue to challenge yourself. Well done!

  6. I love how things that seem to clash can come together to in a wonderful way. Well Done!

  7. Ooh Some gorgeous colours in this lot.