Thursday, May 3, 2018

Stitch Meditations

7 days of using Debbie's, from Oklahoma, swap fabric bag.
The swaps that I have received are all so different and I have enjoyed choosing what I have used on my meditations.
 SM 117
Black and white woven fabrics and ribbon.
 SM 118
Background of ice dyed linen with hand dyed silk which I knotted.
Anchor button (photo upside down, hope anchor button doesn't sink)
 SM 119
Spots and Dots with embroidered chiffon.
 SM 120
I like this unusual colour combination.
 SM 121
Background of ice dyed fabric, woven hessian like piece with silk strip.
 SM 122
Background of black velvet with added text cotton pieces.
SM 123
My final piece using Debbie's fabrics.
A piece of a block she sent me, Debbie enjoys strip piecing.
 I took the photo then noticed the grey extended into the black fabric, it was not intentional, a fluke of placement.


  1. Having the swap fabrics from other participants obviously adds lots of variety. Each piece is like a little gem.

  2. Great pieces.
    How do you ice dye fabric?

  3. How much fun is it working with other people's fabric. Some pretty one there.

  4. SM 123 is lovely, I like the mix of grids and diagonal lines. Each little focussed piece is a delight.

  5. Great diversity of ideas Jenni