Friday, June 1, 2018

In the Garden

Spent the morning at the rose garden, got a little distracted with the new lens.
 We are being taken over by mushrooms.
 Not sure the breed of bird that made this nest in one of our weeping roses.
 A new weeper planted last season with it's one and only bloom.

 At one stage Geocache was the in thing, sadly we are finding in the garden these painted stones.
Children are placing them in the beds and then trampling among the roses to claim them.
 Hope the fairies don't trip over this one.....
 We spent 2 hours pulling out an old rose, the cheeky Blue Wrens are so quick, flitting around, but with the new lens, standing a some distance, I have managed to finally get some photos of them.
 He got the worm....
We have these mats made of shade cloth to place the pruning and trimmings on.
2 wooden garden stakes on 2 edges and that way they can be rolled up and stored.


  1. Fantastic photos of the blue wren. Such cheeky birds!

  2. The Blue Wren is such a pretty colour

  3. Great shots of the wrens! We have wrens here but I haven't seen the male close to the house yet, just the brown females and young ones.

  4. Well captured - they don't stand and wait for their photo to be taken but they are pretty.

  5. Good photos.
    I think you need to get rid of those rocks with paint on them. Collect them and leave them at the Police Station. A little sign about trespassing on private property might help.
    I would take a few more steps although they seem harsh to some people. Write to the principals of all the local schools and say that the children need to understand that going uninvited into other people's gardens is dangerous, damaging gardens, and putting the child at risk of personal injury. I seriously believe that you need to get this message into your local newspapers too. Who is going to help when a child damages one of your precious and rare roses? Children are not capable of really understanding the personal risks they are exposed to when they visit uninvited. Adults who encourage such behaviour do not have anyone's best interests at heart. Freedom involves respect.

  6. That blue wren is a he. The female ones are a dull brown - typical in the bird world!

  7. Wow! Beautiful photos! What a great lens!

  8. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.


  9. Love the Blue Wrens. I used to have one visiting my garden. Don't know what happened to him as he is no longer around.