Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fabric Swap

2 parcels arrived this week from members of the Stitch Meditations Facebook group.
Very exciting as they have traveled across the waters from different sides of the world.
 Liz from the UK sent me these, wrapped in beautiful french style tissue paper.
A beautiful collection of fabric scraps.
Love her tag, simple yet so effective.
Angie from the USA gathered together the most interesting of fabrics.
Fabulous fabrics scraps.
These will be the next 7 days of my Stitch Meditation squares.


  1. What fun to get those squishy packages from across the world! Have fun incorporating them into your stitching project.

  2. I am sure you will meditate well with these scraps!

  3. Two great collections, and I am sure that toile print tissue will appear in your SM too.

  4. What a lovely post day then. How nice to be sharing fabric

  5. Fantastic idea to share fabrics