Friday, May 4, 2018

Clinic Visit Booked

My Canon SLR camera is unwell.....
I take a photo and "Error 01 Communication error between the lens and camera" comes up. It worked perfectly well for the holiday until the last 2 days.
Rang the Camera Clinic, as suggested I have cleaned the pins etc between the lens and camera. 
It has to go to the Dr for up to 10 days.....

I read an article, name something you cannot do without each day....besides has to be my camera!!!
Stopped off at Altona Pier to give it another test run after another clean, a no go...glad I had my small Canon with me.

 A cold blustery day for walking on the beach, rugged up with a coat, scarf and beanie, my favourite time for beach walking.


  1. You can be sure you will be undisturbed on a day like today. The sea is more interesting in winter I think.

  2. My little Cannon needs a trip to the shop as well, and even the one I am using often shows me a Lens error message.

  3. Winter is the best time of year to visit the beach. I hate it in summer!

  4. I wonder why we need TWO digital cameras? Because one is sick!
    I never had a problem with my old camera and its cartridges of film, and I am sure it is still in working condition, although I have not used it in years.
    The convenience of digital cameras has a price!

  5. Like you, I cannot live without my camera. If it goes on the fritz I will not be able to live without it for 10 days. That would be a spontaneous new purchase with no thought as to getting a good deal or waiting for a sale. The camera store doesn’t know they have such a good potential customer dreading a camera fail.

  6. My favourite camera was stolen in the shopping centre. The new one, although much more expensive, is not the one I love the most.