Friday, May 18, 2018

Another Week of Stitch Meditations

These 7 days were from the fabric swap bag of Michele in Ohio, USA.

SM 131
First of Michele's fabrics.
Autumn tones with chiffon and printed arrow fabric.

SM 132
Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen....but I like this colour combination.
Batik, stripes and organza.

 SM 133
Contrasting prints...

 SM 134
Stenciled fabric with sheer triangle and hand dyed strip.

 SM 135
Hand rusted piece with a square of Asian silk.

 SM 136
Handkerchief and patterned netting with batik.

SM 137
Upholstery background, lace and Asian satin.

My next 7 days will be fabrics from Liz, U.K.


  1. Are others in the group also using swap bags exclusively? Seeing how the same bits and pieces used by others would be interesting. Once again a beautifully composed set of SMs.

  2. Blue and green should never be seen... was said by my mother, too. In my opinion wrong, as they are two of natures most common colours, the sky and ocean, grass and leaves, and hey are often seen together, aren't they?
    Good meditations this week!

  3. You have been receiving and using some interesting fabrics.

  4. The weeks fly by, don't they?