Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Stitch Meditations

A week using fabrics of Liz C, from the U.K.
 SM 138
Oriental with indigo dyed and inspired sashiko.
 SM 139
Silk scarf and screen printed scraps.
 SM 140
Silks with embroidery.
African theme.
 SM 142
Stenciled scraps.
 SM 143
 SM 144
Ladies handkerchief.
 SM 145
Fabric from Marie
Indigo dyed scraps, batik square and dyed doily edging.
 SM 146
Fabric from Donalee
Linen and dyed silk.
 SM 147
Fabric from Debbie.
Black and whites with Debbie's suffolk puff and silk square.
SM 148
Fabric from Donalee
Hand dyes with woolen mesh.

New Lens Practice

I haven't posted for a while due to waiting for the return of my camera from the Camera Dr.
A crack in the diaphragm prompted a new lens to be bought. 
Spent some time at Werribee South to do this, now also realise that the 18-300 mm lens is too big for my case, a new one to be sought and bought.
The wind was blowing strongly, something that I will need to get used to despite the lens having a stabiliser. I only used the Auto setting, will have to play around with the others.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Another Week of Stitch Meditations

These 7 days were from the fabric swap bag of Michele in Ohio, USA.

SM 131
First of Michele's fabrics.
Autumn tones with chiffon and printed arrow fabric.

SM 132
Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen....but I like this colour combination.
Batik, stripes and organza.

 SM 133
Contrasting prints...

 SM 134
Stenciled fabric with sheer triangle and hand dyed strip.

 SM 135
Hand rusted piece with a square of Asian silk.

 SM 136
Handkerchief and patterned netting with batik.

SM 137
Upholstery background, lace and Asian satin.

My next 7 days will be fabrics from Liz, U.K.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Stitch Meditations

I am loving these 4 inch 30 minute stitched pieces. 
It is now an automatic process and I don't think about what I am doing.
I have learnt that you don't have to have perfect stitching. Most of the girls in the group, tear/rip their fabrics and it has taken me a while to not snip off the frayed edges. 
I have also learnt that it doesn't matter if the colours and shades don't match or go together.
It is a challenge to have only a small sandwich bag of scraps and to choose what is in them. 

7 days of fabric from the swap with Michele, Ohio USA.
There were some interesting fabrics in her bag.
SM 124
Bright prints with a tied piece of sari silk and french knots.

SM 125
Sheer, satin and a piece of stitched patchwork off cut.

SM 126
Curtain fabric with a piece of bright cotton that took my eye.

SM 127
Batik with course curtain sampler and threads.

SM 128
Autumn toning of silk, hessian and curtain fabric with wool.

SM 129
Blues, I was reading a book on Van Gough, 
the colours reminded me of his painting Starry Starry Night.

SM 130
Black and white prints with a piece of wool that was tied together in the bag.

The next 7 days will be fabric from Angie of Phoenix, Arizona.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fabric Swap

2 parcels arrived this week from members of the Stitch Meditations Facebook group.
Very exciting as they have traveled across the waters from different sides of the world.
 Liz from the UK sent me these, wrapped in beautiful french style tissue paper.
A beautiful collection of fabric scraps.
Love her tag, simple yet so effective.
Angie from the USA gathered together the most interesting of fabrics.
Fabulous fabrics scraps.
These will be the next 7 days of my Stitch Meditation squares.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wall Art

After dropping my camera off, saw these walls in Collingwood.
There is talent out there.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Clinic Visit Booked

My Canon SLR camera is unwell.....
I take a photo and "Error 01 Communication error between the lens and camera" comes up. It worked perfectly well for the holiday until the last 2 days.
Rang the Camera Clinic, as suggested I have cleaned the pins etc between the lens and camera. 
It has to go to the Dr for up to 10 days.....

I read an article, name something you cannot do without each day....besides family....it has to be my camera!!!
Stopped off at Altona Pier to give it another test run after another clean, a no go...glad I had my small Canon with me.

 A cold blustery day for walking on the beach, rugged up with a coat, scarf and beanie, my favourite time for beach walking.