Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Last of Singapore

Our final day was spent at Fort Canning Park and a cruise on the Singapore River.
 Unfortunately my SLR Canon camera has failed with a communication error between the lens and the camera. I was resorted to using my small Canon camera, opened the shutter and it took quite a while to focus with the humidity and heat fogging up the lens.

 We walked the park, sweat dripping and going through several bottles of water.
 Fort Canning Hill was an ideal location for the lighthouse as it's strategic position provided an expansive view of the Singapore Harbour. 
It's height, coupled with the additional elevation of the fort that was built on the hill, made Fort Canning Hill an ideal location for a lighthouse.
The first signal light on Fort Canning  Hill was a simple lantern mounted at the top of the flagstaff in 1855. 
 Beautiful Bird Nest Ferns in the trees.

 We are a regular visitor to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year in Geelong.
Surprised to find the Singaporean Garden Photographer of the Year was showing at the Hill.
Amazing photographs. A bonus as it was air conditioned!!!
 The Sally Port.
These are small doors which lead in and out of a fort, which allow defenders to enter and exit undetected in case of attacks. The word "sally" means to make a sudden vigorous exit. If a fort is besieged by the enemy, defenders can secretly exit the fort via sally ports and catch the enemy by surprise. 
 One of the Gothic Gates.
 Entering the Spice Garden.

 After walking for a couple of hours, decided on a river cruise to experience a cool breeze.
Old among the modern.

Half fish half lion

 There has to be a tacky tourist photo, taken by the guide on the river cruise.

 Saw these children's shoes at Robinson department store.


  1. Looks like you have had a great time...

  2. Those shoes with the cats (I think?) are too cute!
    Thanks for the reminder about the wildlife photography exhibit in Geelong. I'd forgotten about it.

  3. Yes the tacky photos are cropping up in many countries. I do so love them though.