Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wall to Wall Festival Benalla

On the road at 6.30am this morning, up the Hume Highway to Benalla.
Stopped at Craigieburn Railway Station to pick up Emma where she left her car for the day. 
A hot day of a predicted 35 degrees.
The Wall to Wall Festival celebrates street art by various artists.
The walls of the township of Benalla are painted. I asked several organisers if there was a booklet explaining the various art pieces, unfortunately no. The artists turn up for the weekend and it is on Friday morning that they decide what they are going to paint.
 We caught the shuttle bus (gold coin donation) to the town of Goorambat to see the silo work of the Melbourne based artist, Dvate. 

 Milli is an Australian Barking Owl also known as a Winking Owl, which is of the indigenous meaning. She is 13 years old, bred in captivity at Featherdale Wildlife Park, NSW. 

Goorambat Uniting Church, mural of "Sophia" by artist Adnate.

 Paint by Numbers, the children were asked to paint the unicorns.

 A lot of the murals are an ongoing work over the weekend.

 I spoke to the young man, painting this mural.
He said, each morning he drove from Benalla to Wangaratta for work. At 7am in the morning, the sun was rising, his vision was blurred by the hoards of cockatoos in the sky and the sadness of the kangaroo carcasses on the side of the road.


 This young man explained, it was a portrait of himself, aged 7, in Malaysia.
His parents owned a carp farm, he used to swim among the fish and catch them with his bare hands, then cook them for dinner.

 This young lady, named Georgia Rose and her mural was naturally of Roses.

 The skateboard park.

As I mentioned, it will not be until Monday when the festival finishes, that the meaning of each wall art is explained. Some of the art work will be painted over after the finish of the festival.


  1. A fantastic community event. Some common themes coming through in what you have shown of the works in progress. The impact of indulgent beef consumption on the world is cleverly illustrated.
    You are very good at the early starts.

  2. I get tired of seeing graffiti on walls here in Tokyo. I wouldn't mind seeing it covered with creative art work instead.

  3. Then Julie shouldn't visit Stockholm where grafitti is EVERYWHERE!
    You saw A LOT of artwork! I am amazed at the number of plain walls (without windows) for the artists to paint on. You wouldn't find many of them in Tokyo!

  4. Aren't they just amazing. This reminds me of when I went to Sheffield Tasmania. The whole town was painted permanently and there was also a display festival on too. The work is just beautiful.

  5. Wow! Some amazing art work. Thank you so much for posting all these beautiful photos. I knew nothing about the festival, and never would have known without you visiting it.

  6. What a fantastic event. I hope some of the work is kept. The first time i saw murals on lots of walls was in New Plymouth on the North Island of New Zealand. It was much better than graffiti on the walls.

  7. WOW! What a fabulous idea. Shame that some are painted over. I have never heard of this festival. Maybe they need more publicity. There certainly are some very talented artists around. Working on such large areas and those surfaces takes a lot of skill. Thanks for sharing.