Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sultan Area

Caught the underground at City Hall to Burgis to visit the Sultans Mosque.
Forgot that Friday is prayer day so were unable to do a tour.
Singapore is lniked by tunnels and shops which are so much cooler to walk through than on the streets.
Saw this zentangle on one of the shops.
Sultan Mosque, the base of the dome is made from glass bottles donated during the mosque's reconstruction.
Beautiful tile work.

The streets surrounding have the feel of Morocco with lanterns hanging from the shops and restaurants.

I take photos of John with large bottles of wine, he seems to get me beside icecreams.
We have had a couple of cups at different times, to try and cool down.

Masjid Malabar Mosque
Wall of beautiful handmade bricks depicting the heritage of Malay.
Tells the story of Singapore's place in the Malay world.
Display of paper cut outs.
Handmade silk shawls.

Around the corner is the Textile Centre, a small shopping centre of haberdashery stores.
Boxes of coloured tape measures,
 Wall of boxes of zippers.
I bought  couple of skeins of multi coloured embroidery thread that I hadn't seen at home.


  1. What an amazing store of zips

  2. I'd go a bit crazy amongst the haberdashery. Probably buy way more stuff than I could ever use.

  3. That should be The Forbidding City for the shopaholic and thread collector!

  4. Your reports on Singapore have really highlighted the diversity. What an interesting place.

  5. I think I'd go nuts in the haby store too. Love all the colour.