Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stitch Meditations are Growing

 SM - 62
Went to the movies, saw "Finding My Feet". 
A wonderful English film, funny with a tinge of sadness.
 SM - 63
Civil War.
Drove to Dayelsford Railway Market.
 SM - 64
Japanese Hessian, bought new threads at Spotlight.
 SM - 65
Jungle, used a piece of chiffon scarf found at the Op Shop.
 SM - 66
Spent the morning at the Rose Garden.
 SM - 67
Pink tea dyed fabric from Jeann, green silk bought in France.
Spent my voucher at Melton Bargain Box.
After spending it, realised it expired in 12 months, not 3 months!!!
 SM - 68
Salt and Pepper our chooks. Fabric from Heather's homemade apricot jam.
Linen bought at Melton.
 SM - 69
Wall to Wall Festival at Benalla.
Drove through Flowerdale, there are still signs of burnt trees from the bushfires.
 SM - 70
Linen fabric bought with the voucher, worked in the garden.
SM - 71
Divided and replanted Bearded Iris, fabric bought at Melton.


  1. I'm so impressed to see these blocks still being done. Just wonderful.

  2. I was just thinking this morning that you hadn't posted any stitch meditations for a while. And here they all are! I agree with Jo - they're wonderful.

  3. A lovely collection, full of meaning and memories.

  4. Every patch comes with a memory!

  5. I read where some vouchers will no longer have use by dates. Some Quilting shops are like that now which is handy when you are unable to visit them very often.