Saturday, March 17, 2018

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Hot Hot and more Hot.....
Went for a walk this morning, back around 10am as we have worked out that you try not to go out between 10am -2pm. Our few hours of break was spent in one of the pools.
 Outdoor salt lap pool
Part of the pool on our floor is under cover from the hot sun.
 Outdoor breakfast, very tranquil and peaceful.
You can reserve these hanging tables for meals.
 Beautiful lotus flower vases, at first I thought they were paper.

Siem Reap means "the defeat of Siam" and it was a little village when the French came across the Angkor in the 19th century. With Cambodian independence, Siem Reap began to grow and absorb the first wave of tourists, the first hotel opening it's door in 1932 and the temples of Angkor becoming one of Asia's leading attractions until present. 
 I found a quilt shop, beautiful hand stitched quilts and bags made by the community of Artisans.
(no photos allowed)
 I'm not quite ready to try fried scorpions....
 Pub Street, another name for street of restaurants.
Most of the city closes down during the day, we think due to the heat and comes alive at nighttime with streets and streets of markets. 
 The streets are full of these hire places for motorbikes and vespas, with my lack of I don't think so.

 We have not seen any animals except for this dog trying to cool itself in a mound of construction sand.
 One of many supermarkets. All prices are in US$, but you can pay in Cambodian currency.
US$10 =40,000 Riel
 Early start to the morning for these tuk-tuk drivers.
Everywhere you go they ask if you want to go for an hour's ride of sightseeing for US$3.
You say no, and they leave it at that, no bothering you....everything is done with a smile and the utmost politeness.

 Dial up food.
This monk had the right idea for shade. You see them walk along the street, stand outside a shop and bow, they are receiving their morning contributions to their meals and living.

SM 76
Lotus flower, with a limited amount of fabric and threads, I am making do with what I have, a challenge.


  1. No wonder you thought the lotus flowers were paper, the petals have been individually pulled back from the bud and folded. Found a video of someone doing it. I prefer the natural state, they are beautiful flowers.
    Lots of interest in Siem Reap despite the heat.

  2. All very interesting so far. The pool sounds refreshing in the middle of the day.

    Do the seats swing as well as the tables? It could get messy if they move independently.

  3. Tagging along on your travels I can travel so far in my armchair here at the computer.
    I know very little about Cambodia and find it very interesting.

  4. There seems a lot to look at in the area. Pretty flower displays

  5. Great photos Jenni. Looks like a great place to visit Nd interesting history to hear about. Enjoy your cruise.

  6. It looks very tranquil there.