Sunday, March 4, 2018

Red Earth to Green Ferns

  Our drive took us to the Sunday market at Daylesford railway station.
 The Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road passes the beautiful red earth of the paddocks.

 Collection of old cases. 
When I attended Lilli Pilli Public School, we carried cases for our school books.
No cloth backpacks in those days. Wish I had kept mine.
 The tourist train pulled in for another run up the tracks.

 Old posters adorned the walls of the station.

 On our way to Hepburn Springs, had a look at the water has passed through this creek in many years.

 Lunch in the local cafe.
 The walls of the restroom, plastered with posters.

 On the way home stopped at Sailors Falls...another very dry area not having seen water for many years. Walked down the 128 steps, got to the bottom and thought....I now have to walk up them!!!
12 months ago could not have done it with a clicking hip before the surgeon rotated it back in place....rather proud of myself.
The tree ferns were beautiful.


  1. What a pretty fern gully. So good that you could enjoy it with new mobility and fitness. I am sure you have worked as hard as the surgeon in achieving this.

  2. Love the old tourist posters

  3. It was a lovely day for the trip today!

  4. I used cases all through school too. I still have a smaller one that I took for sewing in Primary school. Mum attached a section to the inside of the lid where I could put scissors etc into elasticised parts. The section is covered in blue fabric and is still useable. I have kept this case. Another case I have, belonged to my grandfather. His initials have been stencilled onto it near the handle.