Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Phom Pros Wat Nokor

 A Theravada Buddhist pagoda squeezed into the walls of a 12 century Mahayana Buddhist shrine of sandstone and laterite.

 The Library of the temple
 Reclining Buddha, if to the right he is sleeping, if reclining to the left he has passed away.
 Nokor Wat. An Angkorian temple dating from the 11th century, containing a standard assortment of Angkor architecture. Some of the mausoleums are open to tourists and contain piles of bones and skulls from the Khmer Rouge's genocidal reign. Inside one of the buildings is a very elaborate series of wall paintings, depicting torture and executions (of a religious nature), followed by scenes of heaven and the afterlife. This is not always an accessible building, as a Monk has to unlock it for you to enter. 
Cane bridge, there are only certain months of the year that the bridge can be used to cross to the island, due to the flooding of the river.


  1. The carving and embellishment on the temples is beautiful. I love that blue door.

  2. I didn't know that about the reclining Buddha.

  3. I didn't know either. We are also in Buddhist territory here in Sri Lanka. The faces of the Buddhas are a bit different from other places

  4. The bridge is ingenious. Did you venture across?

  5. The Khmer Rouge sure made their mark on this country. The book about this time in history is very interesting as must have been the mausoleums.