Friday, March 30, 2018

Magical Singapore Evening

Arrived in Singapore to a cooler afternoon than what we have been experiencing, though still very warm. Unpacked the necessities for 3 days and at 6pm off for a walk. Have been here before, decided to head in a direction not gone before. We have not seen the city from the other side of the marina.
 Parliament House

 Outside the museum various sculpture, these cows were made from plastic milk bottles.
 Floating leaves.....
 ....lit up at night.
 Marina Bay Sands Hotel. If you head up to the high top bar, you don't have to pay and it is a better view than the charged lookout area.
 There is a laser light show over the marina for the next few nights.
 The Esplanade presents Cool Classics for the month of March.
Free concerts on the edge of the marina.
We sat and listened to The Catholic Regional School Band, a wonderful 30 minutes of an array of songs, finishing with West Side Story.
Tonight's free concert is Mozart.
 The Fullerton Hotel lit up.
Singapore is a beautiful clean city, very easy to visit and wander.


  1. Great photos. Love that hotel. I have seen a show from when they were building it. Very impressive.

  2. Maybe John will make you a cow for your garden!

  3. I've never been outside Changi. Would love to see the city beyond the airport some time.

  4. Been really enjoying you trip Jenni. Some beautiful photos of some fabulous places.

  5. Love the milk bottle cows - appropriate recycling! Sri Lanka is trying to be clean and green with a lot of success

  6. Everyone I know who has visited Singapore talks about how clean and friendly it is.

  7. I watched the program of the building of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The challenges they had to keep the building upright and put the pool on top were met with new ideas as has happened in many of the new buildings in Singapore. An amazing place to visit.

  8. I like the floating leaves exhibit.