Saturday, March 31, 2018

Gardens by the Bay

A great afternoon spent inside dodging the torrential rain, which raised the humidity.
 The Flower Dome is celebrating the cherry blossoms of Japan.

 I loved the traditionally dressed dolls. All were in miniature.
 Surrounded by Azaleas.

 Winnie chatting to Eeyore, enjoying the English garden.

The Dome waterfall.

 This huge pottery orchid was very impressive.
 The plants and ferns are flourishing in this huge enclosed hot house.
 Walking along the aerial walks is amazing.
I enjoyed our visit again.

Leggo plants.

Sculptured base tree root.
 We didn't stay for the lighting of the gardens, enjoyed dinner at the Esplanade hawker's booths, a plate of mixed satay's and a beer to cool down......

 ....then watched the sun set listening to another free orchestral concert.
They finished their concert with the theme of Beauty and the beast.


  1. Wow, that is an amazing place! It does seem strange to have a greenhouse in a tropical place, but I suppose it does allow you to see the plants without the torrential rain!

  2. Did you get any inspiration for your own garden?

  3. Stunning gardens. No wonder they are so popular.

  4. Love Singapore. The concerts sound like a great idea for an evening's entertainment

  5. Yep, the cherry blossoms look pretty authentic!