Friday, March 2, 2018

Bright Morning and Stitch Meditations

 SM - 59
Found a packet of 3 hankies at the op shop for 50 cents, added a piece of kimono fabric.
 SM - 60
Drew out Flower.
The background fabric is from what my new Zierra shoes were wrapped in.
It reminds me of garden trellis.
A piece of chiffon was added behind the flower.
This morning woke to a beautiful sunrise at the front of the house, turned around and at the back was a full rainbow.

 SM - 61 
Hand dyed fabric I did and attached to a piece of hessian fabric that was in a multi pack I bought at the Tokyo Quilt Festival. 


  1. Beautiful sky!

    It is fascinating how all these little pieces tell stories about your life.

  2. Your stitchings continue to be fresh and inventive. You will be able to easily review them with your concertina books and remember today's magical rainbow.

  3. Beautiful rainbow. We had a double one tonight too. I hope you can see it in my photos. They make me smile..

  4. You stitched a beautiful rainbow!

  5. A great use of bits and pieces from all sorts of places.

  6. The rainbows are so beautiful! Imagine being surrounded by rainbows!