Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Day of Excursions

I HAVE WIFI......in Saigon.
We have not had wifi on the ship along the river, finally managed to find a spot and do some of my blog, taken several hours to download some photos.

The Landmine Museum.
Over 1/2 of Cambodia is still covered with landmines or unexploded ammunition. One farmer a week is still injured or killed due to the uncleared areas. They are now training rodents to detect the mines.
The late Princess Diana and Angelina Jole' are the key supporters and their financial help is ongoing.

Statistics of unexploded and how many have been recovered.

Artisans Workshop
A Community based workshop for adults with disabilities, mainly deaf mute. They train for 2 years from the ages of 18-25. Sign language is used, they receive a wage and all proceeds from the beautiful shop of what they make go to the worker with a percentage going to the school.

Gala Dinner was held at the Karavan Temple.
A wonderful night under the stars where we were treated to delicious food and dancers.
We were welcomed by the traditional Chhai Yam dance.
Pre dinner cocktails with canape' and the Kab Krobei Phuek Sra performance.


  1. The temple looks like a very majestic setting for the Gala Dinner.

    The landmines are a sad and disgraceful story.

  2. I think that nearly everyone has heard of Princess Diana and her attempt to clear land of unexploded mines. Angelina on the other hand has not had as much press for her attempts. Hopefully more money and help can be directed at this problem.