Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Melbourne Tapa

Exhibition at the Caroline Springs Library Gallery by the Shire of Melton.

 The Melbourne Tapa is a beautiful hand-made textile created by 13 women from the Pacific nations, originating from Tonga, Samoa and Fiji
 Stretching 20 metres in length, the Tapa holds each woman's story about family, ancestors and settling in another place.
 The first to be made in Australia, the Tapa is created from bark and painted with symbols and motifs.
 The tradition of making bark cloth is so significant it is said to be the "fabric of Pacific society....sacred to men, women and the gods".

 The Melbourne Tapa both preserves and informs us of how a culture stays strong and yet adapts.


  1. Wonderful. So good that tapa are still made despite being banned and destroyed by Europeans because of its connection to the islander's religion.

  2. 20 metres long - wow! Must make an effort to go and see it.

  3. What an amazing piece of work.