Monday, February 5, 2018

Sunday on Cruise Control for the Silo Art Trail

By 6am we were on cruise control up the Western Highway heading for the Sunraysia Highway for the start of the Silo Art Trail.
Stopped at Avoka for breakfast of a delicious egg and bacon toasted sandwich with coffee.
After turning on to the Sunraysia we counted 8 cars and 2 trucks bypassing us. An extremely quiet stretch of a 3 hour drive.
Method in the madness, we drove to the furthermost town of the silos and worked our way back. 

The sunrise reflecting on the cloud and mist that covered Mt Egerton.
Driving past these gums, the colour and smoothness of their bark looked as if they had been painted.
We headed up the highway to the town of Patchewollock via Lascelles, approx 5 hours on the road.

Town of LASCELLES in the Mallee area.
by Renowned Melbourne Street Artist Rone.
Geoff and Merrilyn Horman, whose family have lived and farmed the area for 4 generations.
Rone said, "To really understand the essence of the place, population of 48, I wanted to find people who had lived here all their lives and get a sense of what the town had been through over the years".
(45 minute drive to the next silo)
by Brisbane Street Artist, Fintan Magee
Local farmer "Noodle Huland" was chosen because he was slim enough to for the 2 narrow silos and has "that classic farmer look", embodying the locals' spririt.
The local store.
(30 minute drive to the next silo)
by artist Kaff-eine
She spent a month in the Mallee region assisting fellow artist Rone on his Lascelles silo project.
Her artwork depicts themes that she feels embody the region's past, present and future.
 This image depicts the Mallee people's close relationship with and reliance on animals.
Kaff-eine wanted to capture the tenacity, character and strength of the region's young female farmers, young women preparing to take over their family farms and become the future of the Mallee.
(20 minute drive to the next silo)
 Town of BRIM
by Guido Van Helten
He captured the imagination of Australia in December 2015 when he undertook this gigantic silo painting. His mural will remain an iconic tribute to the farming generations and communities of the Wimmera and Malle regions.

 I packed a picnic lunch and glad I did as no shops were open in any of the towns.
We sat by the Weir Pool at Redda's Park. 
After lunch several children enjoyed paddling in the safe pool.

This small Brim Church was for sale, someone may buy it and shift it to their location.
(35 minute drive to the next silo)
by Internationally Renowned Street artist Adnate.
The 4 indigenous faces now watch over the tiny community of Sheep Hills and the starry background of the tower portraits has symbolic significance to the local people.
(15 minute to the last of the 6 Silos)
by Russian Artist Julia Volchkova
She is actively involved in the graffiti and street art movement in the places she travels to.
Her work focuses on portraits and this silo is inspired by the Rupanyup Panthers Football and Netball Club.

The old Railway Station.
Home at 5pm after a wonderful and easy drive viewing the Silos.
Stopped at McDonalds Stawell for coffee. as everything else was closed.
 The entrance of Central Park, home to the Easter Stawell Gift race.


  1. Fantastic effort. Now you will have to go see the one near Geelong if you haven't already seen it. It's in Fyansford...

  2. Interesting. Had never before heard of any of these places or these artists, except for the place called Stawell. Have heard of paintings on silos. I wonder how well these works will last and what happens when they begin to deteriorate. It's still a worthwhile project though.

  3. What a perfect day for the grand adventure. Love that photo of Mt Egerton.
    Thank you for showing all the silo paintings, they are wonderful. A pity there were no local businesses open who could benefit from your trip.

  4. The silos look impressive in photos but must be really, really impressive in real life. And what a fabulous idea it was for them to become works of art reflective of the different areas. What a great day you had!

  5. Wow, that was a big day out! Too bad it was Sunday and everything was shut. I didn't realise that some of these existed, or that there was a "Silo Trail" to see them all.

  6. What a great art project! It made for a nice outing. Good you had your packed lunch!

  7. What a fantastic day out. I have seen he on on the way to Adelaide - Coonalpyn? I hope that all the businesses reap the rewards of the tourists that come to view the art. Did many of these projects receive funding from Govt or Art based groups?

  8. The silo art is fascinating! I love the one in the town of Brim.