Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Stitch Meditations and Busy Tuesday

SM - 57 
Picked up this regal tea towel at the Pt Lonsdale op shop on Sunday for $1.
Beautiful white linen, dark purple border adorned with gold crowns and the words "Her Majesty"
SM - 58
Mardi, my friend, printed a series of bird stamps on paper.
Just enough fabric to not chop the bird's beak off in the lower left corner.
This morning made the next 2 months of concertina SM books.
Packaged up fabrics for the Stitch Meditation swap with the members in the USA.
I included a beautiful postcard of Melbourne showing the sights photographed from the Princes Bridge and Flinders Street Station.
Taupe Tuesday.
Only managed 6 this afternoon, slowly getting through the taupe fabrics.
I have a large pile of dark indigo blue fabrics. Not sure if they will go with the taupes.
Perhaps I can make them into half square triangles or small flying geese as the border.


  1. You sure are getting a lot done!

  2. Everything looks lovely! Your taupe collection is quietly beautiful.

  3. You are a busy bee!
    I love your colourful taupe blocks!