Sunday, February 11, 2018

Stitch Meditations Accumulating

 SM - 39
The last of the colour lucky dips.
 SM - 40
My next dips from the jar are themes.
SM - 41
10th February, our 39th Wedding Anniversary.
Background is a piece of marbled silk Emma came home with from her Yr 10 trip to China.
Beige lace, from my mother's Wedding dress. When I was young my parents didn't have a lot of money, she cut up her dress, dyed it beige and made herself a dress for a formal dinner. My mother's dress was worn by her sister and her best friend for their Weddings.
White lace from my Wedding dress. it was damaged after being cleaned. I still have my veil.
Pale blue, my 2 bridesmaids wore that colour.
Mum's re-constructed dress.


  1. Love your stitch meditations.. Your anniversary one holds wonderful memories.
    Are you still going to attach them to paper.
    You could make a folded concertina cardstock spine and glue/place each sheet of paper into the fold. This would give you extra thickness to allow for your stitchings.

  2. Happy anniversary for yesterday!