Friday, February 23, 2018

Stitch Meditation Swap

The SM-USA group that I belong to are swapping bags of scraps of 12 pieces.
As I am the only outside of the US, I have decided to send a postcard of Melbourne with 2 pieces as I am unable to send a stamped self addressed packet for the return..
I am not expecting any to come to me but if they do it will be exciting.
I will drop in at the op shop to see if there are any interesting chiffon scarves, wash and cut out a piece for each of them including a piece of Indigenous fabric.
I am enjoying these little 4 inch pieces of stitching and it is interesting seeing what the others are doing.
 SM - 51
Old tea towel strip and tea dyed cheesecloth
 SM - 52
Hand dyed felt
SM - 53
Torn pieces of Japanese taupes.


  1. Three lovely assemblages. Stitching and fabrics work well together. I am sure your swap partners will love your gift.

  2. The meditations are all so different. Great work. I hope you do get some fabrics from the US. That would be exciting.