Monday, February 12, 2018

Stitch Meditation Change of Idea

I realised the diary idea of mounting my Stitch Meditations was not going to work for 365 days.
41 days mounted in the diary, what was it going to be like after 6 months.
The idea was good to start with, BUT wasn't going to work.

 I knew there was a reason to keep this box .
Just need to buy a 2nd bottle on John's work trip back to Zurich, Switzerland in April.
Forget the tipple, I want the box!!!
I dissected the insides by removing the outer rim and stand for the bottle.
 My favourite 2016 calendar covered the outside.
I knew there was a reason for keeping it.
 Covered the inside flaps with paper I bought in Korea.
This will probably take 6 months of books.
 For each month, I will make a concertina book
 I have several rolls of pianola music, they have the length I need for the book.
(Thank you Jo for the idea).
There is enough room on the edge to write the date and what I did that day.
 Covered the front with some paper I bought in Japan 
I had a seal made when I was last in Seoul, South Korea, when John was working there.
My favourite, the ginkgo leaf.
 Spent today sorting through my DMC threads that I have had for 20+ years.
Don't throw anything out!!!
Found a frame at Ikea for my antique block.
SM - 42
Lucky dip for yesterday was SILKS.
Bought a bag of silk scraps at AQC several years ago.


  1. Wow... that box is a great idea to store your monthly books. It will be amazing to look back on the fabrics you have used. It is such a fun project...

  2. That's a very handy box! Hope you can get hold of a second one for the second half of the year.

  3. So resourceful. Never throwing anything out has its benefits.

  4. You are a squirrel! That is why you have the parts you need to make a nice home for your collection of meditations.
    Great idea, great results!

  5. Having now seen the box and books in real life I have to say the ideas are brilliant. And John will really need another bottle!!!

  6. Wonderful way to save the blocks.