Sunday, February 11, 2018

7th Painted Silo

30 minutes from my home is the 7th Silo, at Fyansford, Geelong.
It wasn't till we were on the bypass road that I realised, I drive past it each month that I go to my quilting guild. Shows that I concentrate on the road, as it is in plain view.
 Painted by International Street Artist Rone to represent the Past and the Future of Geelong and the Traditional Owners of the Land.
In 2017, ICD Property and Surpalia Public Company in conjunction with the silo's owners, Adelaide and Brighten Cement Ltd. commissioned the art work.

CORRINA ECCLES proudly representing the area of Geelong's First Peoples. She is a direct descendant of the Queen of the Wadawurrung, traditional owners of the land. She is wearing traditional ochre face paint.
 COR HORSTEN, now 78. He spent over 35 years working at the Geelong Cement Company.
After retiring he help set up the Cement Museum situated in the old orphanage next to the site.
 KELLY CARTRIGHT represents the future of Geelong. At 15 she was diagnosed with cancer (osteo sacoma) in her leg, which was amputated. She starting walking and running on her artificial leg after rehab, showing extraordinary determination, she made the team for the London Paralympics, winning gold and setting a new world record. She was awarded an Order of Australia in 2014.


  1. They are amazing and the stories of the people are fascinating. Thank you for the information. I love looking at them.

  2. The curved surface seems to lend itself to portraits. These are terrific.

  3. I must look out for that silo when I am next on my way to Amitee.