Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Stitch Meditations and Busy Tuesday

SM - 57 
Picked up this regal tea towel at the Pt Lonsdale op shop on Sunday for $1.
Beautiful white linen, dark purple border adorned with gold crowns and the words "Her Majesty"
SM - 58
Mardi, my friend, printed a series of bird stamps on paper.
Just enough fabric to not chop the bird's beak off in the lower left corner.
This morning made the next 2 months of concertina SM books.
Packaged up fabrics for the Stitch Meditation swap with the members in the USA.
I included a beautiful postcard of Melbourne showing the sights photographed from the Princes Bridge and Flinders Street Station.
Taupe Tuesday.
Only managed 6 this afternoon, slowly getting through the taupe fabrics.
I have a large pile of dark indigo blue fabrics. Not sure if they will go with the taupes.
Perhaps I can make them into half square triangles or small flying geese as the border.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Standing Tall On The Cliff

Our Sunday drive took us down the road to our favourite spot, Point Lonsdale Lighthouse. 
Many Sunday's we spent on the cliff at the lighthouse, waving to John as the dive club boat, headed out through the rip for diving on the sunken submarines. 

Down the beach is a J Class submarine, one his favourite dive sites.

 Emma and I would explore the beach and rock pools until their return back to the marina.

 The Pt Lonsdale pier.
 This will hold special memories for me as it was always such a peaceful place.
 After lunch we sat for a couple of hours at Queenscliffe watching the ships exiting/entering the bay.
 The Pilot boat returns from doing it's duty escorting the ships.
Called into The Mill at Geelong to pick up some pianola rolls for my SM concertina books.

Exhausted and Stitch Meditaions

 SM - 54
Batik torn fabric.
 SM - 55
My colours, I am an Autumn tone person, love the season when the leaves have changed colour.
Gathered silk and orange organza gift ribbon that had a nick out of it, looked like a leaf.
 SM - 56
All Japanese paper stitched on the machine, too fragile for hand sewing.
The black/grey card with a velvet feel to it.
The Cherry Blossom tag came off a gift bag, never throw anything out!!
 Was paid a visit yesterday.
I don't know who was more exhausted throwing and chasing the pig, me or Harvey.
He was asleep in the back of the car before they got to the end of our court.
Not a very good shot by Emma. How do you explain to a dog that those are spiky leaves?
Fascinated by the birds.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Taupe Tuesday

Slowly getting through my taupe fabrics.
Made these blocks to go with the flying geese.

Stitch Meditation Swap

The SM-USA group that I belong to are swapping bags of scraps of 12 pieces.
As I am the only outside of the US, I have decided to send a postcard of Melbourne with 2 pieces as I am unable to send a stamped self addressed packet for the return..
I am not expecting any to come to me but if they do it will be exciting.
I will drop in at the op shop to see if there are any interesting chiffon scarves, wash and cut out a piece for each of them including a piece of Indigenous fabric.
I am enjoying these little 4 inch pieces of stitching and it is interesting seeing what the others are doing.
 SM - 51
Old tea towel strip and tea dyed cheesecloth
 SM - 52
Hand dyed felt
SM - 53
Torn pieces of Japanese taupes.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

City Wander

A wander through the city to notice certain colourful architecture.
Gone are the days of tall oblong buildings in the cour scheme of greys and neutrals.
Also gone are plain concrete walls, now it is the thing to have patterned facades

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Melbourne Tapa

Exhibition at the Caroline Springs Library Gallery by the Shire of Melton.

 The Melbourne Tapa is a beautiful hand-made textile created by 13 women from the Pacific nations, originating from Tonga, Samoa and Fiji
 Stretching 20 metres in length, the Tapa holds each woman's story about family, ancestors and settling in another place.
 The first to be made in Australia, the Tapa is created from bark and painted with symbols and motifs.
 The tradition of making bark cloth is so significant it is said to be the "fabric of Pacific society....sacred to men, women and the gods".

 The Melbourne Tapa both preserves and informs us of how a culture stays strong and yet adapts.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Colour You Notice and Stitch Meditations

Sunday, drove to the Travel Show and if you look around there are patterns of colour.
 Burnley and Domain tunnels air vents
 View of this building coming out of the tunnel
 The gold of the Novotel
 SM - 46
 SM - 47
 SM - 48
 SM - 49
SM - 50