Sunday, January 7, 2018

Stitch Meditation 7

Quiet day today, did a run to the tip to dispose of a few bits and pieces after an early morning drive to Emma's, home before lunch. Roads quiet, took 55 minutes instead of the usual 90+ mins.
Old metal watering can escaped the throw out, drill some holes in the base and plant something in it.
Watched some cricket, watered my hanging baskets after yesterday's heat.
Made a Geli Pad for fabric printing. Now setting in the fridge.

SM 7
Closed my eyes, randomly drew out 2 fabrics, in the process, felt some rough fabric.
Gauze bandage, appropriate as I was scratched on the arm by one very excited dog this morning.


  1. A lively stitching this time, love the added texture.

  2. You can pack so much into a quiet day!

  3. This will be so interesting when you start putting it together

  4. The gel pad sounds intriguing. I'll be interested to see what you achieve with it!

  5. The watering can reminds me of those at the gardens in Cranbourne. The gel pad sounds like what we had to use to print notes before there were machines for duplicating. One of my students ran off with the indelible ink we used. Hate to think what his clothes looked like if the bottle leaked.