Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Stitch Meditation 24

A beautiful cool overcast morning at rose garden. We deadheaded 5 more weepers, with the sound of the birds chirping and singing in the background. 
Many visitors to the garden today. I spent quite a bit of my time, taking their photos on their phones and cameras. It is hard when you are a family and someone has to take the photo, so I always offer to do it for them.
SM - 24
I selected this 2" square of Libery fabric out of my stash.
Background of dyed fabric which was sprinkled with salt.
I am slowly getting used to not having the pieces precise and square.
That is the challenge of the stitching.......


  1. Different colours today. I recognise the Liberty fabric pattern. Love the feel of their fabric.

  2. The Liberty fabric stands out so nicely against the background.

  3. This one feels like a cool calm morning.