Saturday, January 13, 2018

Stitch Meditation 13

Went to the lunchtime session of  "The Post" starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Street.
Enjoyed the story line.
SM - 13
Came home to reply to comments on my blog, some to my blogging friends in Japan.
They will be looking forward to the Tokyo Quilt Show at the end of January.
Meeting the 3 of them was the highlight of my week in Tokyo and all fingers and toes crossed I hope to return to the show in 2019.
My friends here at home know I love ginkgo leaves, thank you Jeanette for this one.  


  1. The blue and gold combination is lovely.

  2. I wish we could meet up with you again this year! Julie and Carin and I are making our plans now.

  3. Getting together with blogging friends is such a treat ... and at the show, an even bigger treat. Meeting up with you was the frosting on the cake. I will see how much I can do while keeping my own fingers crossed.

  4. Beautiful combination of colours today Jenni.