Friday, January 5, 2018

Sea Breeze and SM 5

A drive today took us down the Peninsular Freeway toward Portsea with the intention of stopping off at Sorrento for lunch and the ferry to Queenscliff across the bay.
Didn't eventuate - traffic was at a standstill, hundreds of cars with the same intention.
A quick u-turn and we headed back to Mornington.
 Passed this garden gnome, I don't think it would fit in the average size garden.
 Stopped at Rosebud foreshore for a walk along the beach.
The turquoise colour of the sea was had to capture, the water was flat and crystal clear.
I think there is something peaceful about walking on a beach.
 Some of the beach huts were open, fabulous interiors with all the amenities for a day at the seaside.
Kitchenettes, day beds, bars etc....
SM - 5
25 minutes of silence. Didn't hear the birds again today.
I dipped in, chose blue / yellow for the beach, received the comment "are they supposed to be the beach huts?"


  1. That is a large garden gnome!

  2. I think that gnome is associated with a warehouse hardware chain and is not one of the freeway sculptures. It is very big. My favourite is the bird with the worm.

  3. Your Stitch Meditation is very interesting. Is this a 365 day project?

  4. Hmm, I'm wondering what I could accomplish in 25 minutes? Better get back to my Mola.

  5. Great outing. Love the beach. We loved across the road from the beach when I was a kid. Happy memories.

  6. Yes we loved the beach and we lived across from it. Fantastic fun with all the neighbours kids too.