Sunday, January 21, 2018

Is This Art? and Stitch Meditation 21

Caught the train into the city to view the 2nd lot of free exhibitions at the NGV.
Some fascinating work with the question "Is this called Art"?
 by Ron Muek, Australia

 Sculls were made of fiberglass.





 by Tom Crago
John tried the game, I had a go but it made my head spin and I felt very off balance.
A pirate ship which you controlled the movement around the deck.

I found this fascinating. 


Fully immersive digit installation inspired by human, digital and spatial relationships.
When a person moves within this environment, their movement is tracked by sensors that communicate via computer with projectors, thus movement creates a visual vortex. 

by Alexandra Kehayoglou
Buenos Aires
 Hand-tufted wool rugs to draw into focus landscapes under threat of irreversible change.

 You are invited to feel the rug as you lie on it with mirrors above to simulate drone footage.
 Melbourne Town Hall vegetable and herb garden on Swanston Street.


SM- 21
Train and tram track in the city under a very dull sky.


  1. Yes, what is art?
    Everything is thought provoking, though.

  2. So many interesting immersive installations. A thought provoking day. The string art in 3D does look really interesting.

  3. Looks like you had fun. Colours in your block are great.

  4. Art is a vary short word considering all it covers.