Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hot and SM 6

The predicted temperature today, 42 degrees Celsius.....according to the bureau, it has hit 42 where I live at 4.00pm. Cool change for Melbourne due later this evening/early morning.
I won't complain, Jo who reads my blog, will have hit way above that where she is. 
 6am this morning it was rather pleasant, 20 degrees, very still and the wind turning to northerly at 8am.
We placed the netting over the vegetable garden for some protection.
When I was little girl, even on a hot day, I would have been told "go outside and play".
This covering would have made the perfect "secret garden cubby house" for myself and my doll. 
 We always know it is going to be a hot day, the shadow from the side gate only appears when the prediction is 35+. I don't know why, perhaps the sun is higher.
SM - 6
Hot with a north westerly wind. Have spent the day watching the cricket...again...


  1. Hope it has cooled down for you now. The temp here has dropped to 28. Not exactly COOL, but definitely nicer!

  2. The cool change is a much loved Melbourne phenomenon. When I lived in Hawthorn as a child I could smell the sea when it came through.
    28 here too now, and I have only heard one large branch or tree come done (not close by).

  3. Well at 8pm it was just over 40. At 10pm it was 36. We are expecting 36 tomorrow so it will be a warm night.
    We were out shopping until 12.30 lunch time. Been inside the rest of the day with the air con working hard.
    It's going to be a warm night.

    The colours in your orange sewing piece remind me of the heat.

  4. Shall I send some of our chilly air to you?
    The cold is hard, but the heat is worse. I feel for you!

  5. The house stayed cool today even though I only used a ceiling fan downstairs. Reached 33.5 upstairs and 23.5 downstairs. Very pleased with that. Had to water some plants again at midday as they were drooping.