Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Apricot and Stitch Meditation 23

"Pal Joey" rose opened differently than usual.
The petals were not the same on this bloom compared to the others in the vase.

SM - 23
Inspiration from the rose and it's colour.
The background is cut from a $1.95 tank top that I found at St Vinnies. 
Japanese Washi paper.


  1. Pretty colours! Although a bit too much like the mystery quilt which has been consuming all my time lately.

  2. Maybe something had a nibble of the petals when it was a bud. Nice ruffley texture in both the rose and the stitched meditation.

  3. Heat effected rose? You are meeting the challenge of SM.

  4. Yum. To me it looks like a crunchy sugar curtain that is edable after consuming the colourful veggies.