Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Roses Are Batty and Stitch Meditation 31

Spent today at the rose garden, a very cold wind but such a relief after this week's heat.

  Jenny and I filled the 2 mats with deadheading cuts, unfortunately the wind came and the blew them off the mats, very annoying.
 There was a loud bang, gave the bats a fright and I caught the tail end of hundreds of them flying overhead. The noise of their screeching was very loud.
SM - 31
Drew out the colour orange today.
Still not getting used to placing and stitching in a straight line, but not allowed to unpick.
On the Facebook group, the SM's are brilliant by other members. Some of them are works of art.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Stitch Meditation 30

Pick out of the jar today was Black and White.
SM - 30
White cooking cheesecloth with black spotted chiffon cut from a patterned scarf bought at the op shop for $1. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Lucky Dip Stitch Meditation 29

SM - 29
Sat outside in the cool breeze.
The colour I pulled out of the jar today was White & Beige.
Background curtain fabric, white cooking cheesecloth with beige linen.
I stood on something hidden in the carpet of my sewing room, a beige button, perhaps it was meant to be.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pink and Stitch Meditation 28

Something a little different. 
I have written on paper, colours, each day from today, draw out a colour and make to suit.
Today I drew out Pink.
SM- 28
We have some new members in the group and their little meditations are amazing.
It is a USA based group and at this stage I am the only one out of the area!!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Stitch Meditation 27

SM - 27
Old and new, background is from an old linen tea towel accompanied with a modern piece.

A Day for Dying

The sun came out and a good day for some experimental dying.
 A page out of a book with a sprinkling of rock salt

A pair of Ziera shoes came wrapped in a muslin type of fabric, added rock salt and gingko leaves.

 Sun dyed with leaves and rock salt.
Reverse side of dried fabric piece.
Sprinkling of rock salt.

Reverse side of dried fabric.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Stitch Meditation 26

SM - 26
Gum trees, one of my favourite thoughts of Australia.
There are some wonderful cities around the world, but when I fly into Melbourne and see the city in the distance, I know I am home.
It's great to go away but I love to come home.

Yea....Australia Day

Yea is a town, 100 kms north-east of Melbourne at the junction of the Goulburn Valley Highway and the Melba Highway, in the Shire of Murrindindi local government area.
Originally a gold mining area, the town retains many historical buildings of those days.
We enjoyed a picnic at Yarra Glen before driving on to have coffee at Yea.
 The Town Hall proudly flying the Australian flag.
 Coffee after lunch under the wide veranda. It was 34 in the shade!!!
We were hoping to have an Australia Day Lamington, but could not buy any.

 The main street of Yea is lined with beautiful gum trees.
The Post Office (1890)
.Several scenic drives can be enjoyed from Yea. The journey south-west along the Whittlesea road to the small hamlet of Flowerdale passes through farmland and rolling hills. For more dramatic scenery, take Ghin Ghin Road (west of Yea) which initially passes through grazing land and crosses the Goulburn River where there is a reserve overlooking the river and a boat ramp. Heading further north, the road ascends through scenic gorge country to a granite plateau. This road passes through what is left of the former gold mining town of Ghin Ghin, past Mt Broughton and onto the small hamlet of Caveat which was originally inhabited by Czech settlers

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Get Together and Stitch Meditation 25

After an absence of nearly a year I returned to our Scquilters CBD GTG.
Last year we made a quilt for a friend who worked at the cafe where we always had lunch.
Soo gave birth to a beautiful little girl.
SM - 25
We all made several strips to add to the quilt.
I had a piece left over and used it for my stitch meditation.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Stitch Meditation 24

A beautiful cool overcast morning at rose garden. We deadheaded 5 more weepers, with the sound of the birds chirping and singing in the background. 
Many visitors to the garden today. I spent quite a bit of my time, taking their photos on their phones and cameras. It is hard when you are a family and someone has to take the photo, so I always offer to do it for them.
SM - 24
I selected this 2" square of Libery fabric out of my stash.
Background of dyed fabric which was sprinkled with salt.
I am slowly getting used to not having the pieces precise and square.
That is the challenge of the stitching.......

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Apricot and Stitch Meditation 23

"Pal Joey" rose opened differently than usual.
The petals were not the same on this bloom compared to the others in the vase.

SM - 23
Inspiration from the rose and it's colour.
The background is cut from a $1.95 tank top that I found at St Vinnies. 
Japanese Washi paper.

Stitch Meditation 22

SM - 22
Gathered organzia against a piece of sun dyed fabric.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Is This Art? and Stitch Meditation 21

Caught the train into the city to view the 2nd lot of free exhibitions at the NGV.
Some fascinating work with the question "Is this called Art"?
 by Ron Muek, Australia

 Sculls were made of fiberglass.





 by Tom Crago
John tried the game, I had a go but it made my head spin and I felt very off balance.
A pirate ship which you controlled the movement around the deck.

I found this fascinating. 


Fully immersive digit installation inspired by human, digital and spatial relationships.
When a person moves within this environment, their movement is tracked by sensors that communicate via computer with projectors, thus movement creates a visual vortex. 

by Alexandra Kehayoglou
Buenos Aires
 Hand-tufted wool rugs to draw into focus landscapes under threat of irreversible change.

 You are invited to feel the rug as you lie on it with mirrors above to simulate drone footage.
 Melbourne Town Hall vegetable and herb garden on Swanston Street.


SM- 21
Train and tram track in the city under a very dull sky.