Monday, December 4, 2017

Travel Journal - 6

We visited Leonardo Da Vinci's home, Chateau du Clos, in the village of Amboise
 His well known piece The Mechanics of Life.
Reversed machine sewn over tea bag papers.
Apart from painting, Leonardo was a Scientist and a Naturalist, delving into shells and fossils.
The white paper at the bottom of the page was a piece given to me by my friend Mardi done on deli paper. It reminded me of his fossils in the cabinet of the workshop studio.
A fascinating and beautiful residence in the Loire region of France.


  1. You are making such a beautiful journal with materials that remind you of your trip.

  2. Your journal pages this time are a bit of a cabinet of curiosities.

  3. You inspire me to start a travel journal but I keep procrastinating!

  4. It looks like you are really enjoying yourself while making these journals.