Sunday, December 24, 2017

Not All Is Green

With the recent rains and a huge amount of compost, the vegetable garden is in full swing with growth. We have given away many zucchinis and cucumbers, too much for a household of 2 people.
As yet we haven't had to put the shade sails up to protect the vegetables.
 I feel like I am entering the Secret Garden,  supported the tomatoes as they were growing as an arch. 
  10 tomato plants have fruit. Basil is growing beneath them all.

 We wrap our celery in newspaper to keep the stalks upright and pale, otherwise they tend to become woody.
 Success with climbing beans, planted 2 weeks ago and growing strong.
 Capsicums are doing well.
 Our first attempt at growing fennel.
 Inundated with rhubarb and picking 2-4 zucchinis each day.
 There is a different taste with fresh home grown to supermarket bought.
This year the marigolds are performing and keeping the insects at bay.
There is some colour in the garden 
 2nd flush of roses.
 Each morning I deadhead the old flowers, by doing this, petunias have doubled in size.
 I planted yellow pansy seedlings......
Mr Lincoln always flowers at Christmas for a vase on the Christmas table.
 Christmas Eve tradition, shopping at Conway Seafood, Footscray before breakfast.
The colours of a summer Christmas


  1. Your garden is looking fantastic, and very productive. Newspaper round the celery is a good idea - less messy than heaping soil around them.
    Very pretty yellow pansy!

  2. I wish I lived closer and could take some of the overflow off your hands, ha, ha!

  3. Brilliant veggie garden. Well done for having tomatoes by Christmas.

  4. Thanks for the garden tour on a cold dark night!

  5. I wish market gardeners still protected growing celery. It’s so much nicer than what is currently produced. The garden looks fantastic.

  6. Wow! The bounty from your garden is amazing! I should really learn to grow something... anything! Maybe next year?