Sunday, December 10, 2017

In a Galaxy, Far, Far Away

Our afternoon, spent at the St Kilda Palais Theatre.
Star Wars, The Force Awakens in Concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO).
The movie was shown and the orchestra played the soundtrack music written by John Williams.
Words can't explain the goosebumps felt when the opening score of that well known music was played.
Conductor Nicholas Bluc.

As the credits came up the orchestra played the final of the soundtrack to a standing ovation.
A magically wonderful afternoon for someone who isn't a Star Wars fan.
The MSO's next concert is in February 2018, Star Wars "A New Hope" in Concert, the first of the Star Wars movies playing at the Hamer Hall.
November 2018 is Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azakaban in Concert with the MSO at Plenary, MCEC.


  1. Interesting concept. I think the original movie would be great to see that way. But I really didn't like "The Force Awakens"!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! -----goose bumps!

  3. I love that type of performance. You feel as if you are getting more than double the show - the live music makes such an enormous difference. Go to them all!!!

  4. I could just about feel how you felt with your description of the uplifting and amazing experience.

  5. I could just about feel how you felt by the description of your amazing and uplifting experience.