Sunday, December 31, 2017

Setting Up.....

A lovely long walk along the Williamstown foreshore, a cool breeze with sunshine.
Topped off with a gelato icecream.
A pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
 ....families have staked out their spots to view the New Year fireworks.
 There were some very elaborate setups, tents, beds, BBQ's and one family had a fabric lounge suite.
Each year, thousands gather to watch the city of Melbourne in the distance from Williamstown. 
 We don't celebrate NYE, usually in bed way before midnight, though we will have a glass or two of champagne with our dinner this evening.
Happy New Year.

Friday, December 29, 2017

He Gave Us A Laugh

As I posted on a friend's blog, pets are part of our families, there should be a little something under the tree for them to enjoy.

 I gave Harvey this squeaky hamburger, surprised it has lasted this long, must be driving the neighbours nuts with the squeak.
An old ripped pair of slippers that are destined for the rubbish bin, party hat and all.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

T'was The Night Before Christmas.....

Wishing all my blog followers, friends and their families,
a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time together.
from Jenni, John and Emma

Not All Is Green

With the recent rains and a huge amount of compost, the vegetable garden is in full swing with growth. We have given away many zucchinis and cucumbers, too much for a household of 2 people.
As yet we haven't had to put the shade sails up to protect the vegetables.
 I feel like I am entering the Secret Garden,  supported the tomatoes as they were growing as an arch. 
  10 tomato plants have fruit. Basil is growing beneath them all.

 We wrap our celery in newspaper to keep the stalks upright and pale, otherwise they tend to become woody.
 Success with climbing beans, planted 2 weeks ago and growing strong.
 Capsicums are doing well.
 Our first attempt at growing fennel.
 Inundated with rhubarb and picking 2-4 zucchinis each day.
 There is a different taste with fresh home grown to supermarket bought.
This year the marigolds are performing and keeping the insects at bay.
There is some colour in the garden 
 2nd flush of roses.
 Each morning I deadhead the old flowers, by doing this, petunias have doubled in size.
 I planted yellow pansy seedlings......
Mr Lincoln always flowers at Christmas for a vase on the Christmas table.
 Christmas Eve tradition, shopping at Conway Seafood, Footscray before breakfast.
The colours of a summer Christmas

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stitch Meditation

New Year, I am starting a 30 day project by Liz Kettle of Colorado USA.
STITCH MEDITATION is a tiny stitched piece (4" x 4") developed by Liz. 
Have you noticed that when you are hand stitching, you are relaxed and not thinking of what may be troubling you? You are concentrating on the piece you are working on.

Prepare by cutting many 4" x 4" squares in flannelette to be put aside.
Next fill a container of all sorts of scraps of various types of fabric, braids etc and papers.
Gather many types of threads.
(I have plenty in my textile collection).

If you spend time cutting a square, changing your mind swapping a fabric chosen and spending more time stitching, it is then becoming a project.
Spend only 3 to 4 minutes choosing the fabrics/papers, usually no more than 3-4 pieces.
Pick the first things that look interesting even if they don't go together.
Do your stitching in a quiet place with no music, computer, tv, humans or noise around you.
No stitch is to be taken out once sewn.
The average time spent on a piece is 15 - 30 minutes.
My down time is usually around 4pm. I will set aside this time for my piece.
I may even decide to do one for each day of the year.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

In a Galaxy, Far, Far Away

Our afternoon, spent at the St Kilda Palais Theatre.
Star Wars, The Force Awakens in Concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO).
The movie was shown and the orchestra played the soundtrack music written by John Williams.
Words can't explain the goosebumps felt when the opening score of that well known music was played.
Conductor Nicholas Bluc.

As the credits came up the orchestra played the final of the soundtrack to a standing ovation.
A magically wonderful afternoon for someone who isn't a Star Wars fan.
The MSO's next concert is in February 2018, Star Wars "A New Hope" in Concert, the first of the Star Wars movies playing at the Hamer Hall.
November 2018 is Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azakaban in Concert with the MSO at Plenary, MCEC.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Travel Journal - 6

We visited Leonardo Da Vinci's home, Chateau du Clos, in the village of Amboise
 His well known piece The Mechanics of Life.
Reversed machine sewn over tea bag papers.
Apart from painting, Leonardo was a Scientist and a Naturalist, delving into shells and fossils.
The white paper at the bottom of the page was a piece given to me by my friend Mardi done on deli paper. It reminded me of his fossils in the cabinet of the workshop studio.
A fascinating and beautiful residence in the Loire region of France.