Thursday, November 23, 2017

Travel Journal - 5

Received the first of my 2 photo books the other day.
Currently compiling the 2nd one of the 2 week drive back to Paris airport to catch our flight home.

 I have been extremely fortunate and lucky to experience Monet Garden in Giverny, during the Autumn season and now the Spring. The colours of the tulips were unforgettable.
Yet the autumn tones of the trees and their leaves in the month of November 2015, were spectacular.
I wonder what the garden would look like covered in snow in Wintertime.

 At the entrance to the garden, I was greeted with beds of Iris.
We were lucky to be be given 2 different admittance tickets.
I took this photo of Claude, a very large print, which is hanging at the entrance to the ladies toilet.
Without the crowds of tourists, it would be very peaceful and relaxing sitting in the garden listening to the birds.


  1. Unfortunately the garden depends on the tourists. You have created your own beautiful space to sit and relax and remember.

  2. Well, you will just have to make another trip in winter! Maybe there will be fewer tourist, too!
    Beautiful journal!

  3. The photobooks look good - as do your journal pages.

  4. Your photobook looks so nice! And your journal will be a treasure to open up on cold days.

  5. Glad the photo book is done. It must be exciting to go through the photos again.