Friday, November 3, 2017

Travel Journal - 2

My second entry of my journal.
Villes-Bretonneux, the Somme Battlefield area of Normandy.
I remember it was a cool breezy morning, surrounding the area, poppies and yellow canola were flowering in the fields and the wind was the only noise I could hear.
No-one spoke, respectful silence.
Looking from the Anzac Tower.
 Linen tea towel, tea bag paper, hand stitching and polyester fabric.
We each wore the paper poppy.


  1. A sombre reflection on the day.

  2. You make good use of your travel memories and the reflections they have given you.

  3. Looking good. Creative and represents the emotion.

  4. Unique and personal. This will be a real keepsake!

  5. Your journal looks like it will become a beautiful record of your adventures.

  6. wow what a beautiful journal full of lovely memories xx

  7. A sombre day. I have discovered a few rellies that were lost in the wars and I feel very much for their families, especially on days when we all remember those dreadful wars. One family lost 3 sons and the 4th died of dysentry (?) even though he had been in the florence Nightingale hospital and survived to go home. h found his family had left sf followed them to Aust and went back to Wales as the life here was too hard for him with his illness.